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SPINSSpecial Instructions
SPINSSpin-Polarized Triple-Axis Spectrometer
SPINSSpin Polarized Inelastic Neutron Scattering (spectrometer)
SPINSShips Passive Integrated Navigation System
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Each in his turn went up to the priest (they were all within a large circular railing) and bowed profoundly and then went spinning away deliriously and took his appointed place in the circle, and continued to spin. When all had spun themselves to their places, they were about five or six feet apart--and so situated, the entire circle of spinning pagans spun itself three separate times around the room.
There's a piece o' sheeting I could give you as that squinting Kitty spun--she was a rare girl to spin, for all she squinted, and the children couldn't abide her; and, you know, the spinning's going on constant, and there's new linen wove twice as fast as the old wears out.
spin Some robe which, dyed in purple, sorrow might wear For her own comforting: or some long-fringed cloth In which a new-born and unwelcome babe Might wail unheeded; or a dainty sheet Which, delicately perfumed with sweet herbs, Might serve to wrap a dead man.
The brittle thread is broken, The dull wheel wearies of its ceaseless round, The duller distaff sickens of its load; I will not spin to-night.
To-morrow you shall spin, and every day Shall find you at your distaff.
"There is no need to fetch anybody," said the page; "for though I can't spin I can read, and I'll read it;" and so he read it through, but as it has been already given it is not inserted here; and then he took out the other one from the duchess, which ran as follows:
Spins result when the airplane's wing exceeds its critical angle of attack (AoA) and it's experiencing a yawing moment.
ISLAMABAD -- Exploiting the electron's tiny magnetic moment or 'spin', scientists have discovered a new method to efficiently generate and control currents based on the magnetic nature of electrons in semi-conducting materials - offering a radical way to develop a new generation of electronic devices,the study appeared in the journal Nature Materials "We borrowed 50-year-old semiconductor phenomena for our modern spintronic research.
"We prove experimentally that the measurable magnetic field from the nuclei, as well as the strong polarisation of the nuclear spins in the material at room temperature, comes from the dynamic polarisation of the nuclear spin in the extra added Ga atoms," said Chen.
In recent years, researchers have built devices that use spins pointing up or down to encode information, much like the 1s and 0s of computing devices.
A non-zero value of R due to the [e.sup.-] polarization component, which is perpendicular to the plane spanned by the spin of the decaying neutron and the electron momentum, would signal a violation of time reversal symmetry and thus physics beyond the Standard Model.