SPIREXSouth Pole Infrared Explorer
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Spirex has installed the Twinshot system on a machine in the Network's Process Solutions Center, and on a Van Dorn Demag machine located in the Spirex Technical Center in Youngstown, Ohio, allowing for customer demonstrations, training and trials at both locations.
CARA includes several telescopes that study the cosmic microwave background, a new and more sensitive version of the infrared SPIREX, and a radio telescope called AST/RO (Antarctic Submillimeter Telescope/Remote Observatory), which is looking at certain areas of the spectrum that will tell scientists more about interstellar gas clouds, star formation, and galactic nuclei--specifically, the neutral carbon and carbon monoxide lines.
Spirex Corp reports that its Quantum processing System has demonstrated favorable performance results, using a variety of resins, compared with similar injection-molding units.
Spirex named Jeffrey Brock southeast regional sales manager.
Tenders are invited for Burnishing Broach Spirex For Lifter Style-I As Per Dlw Drg No Tb06al0006
Spirex, a manufacturer of plasticating systems, produces, markets, and installs hardware to retrofit conventional injection molding machines for multimolding.
Roel Meijer was named regional sales manager for Spirex Europe.
Tenders are invited for Forbes Marshall Make Spirex Steam Prv Global Type Pressure Regulator
Spirex Corp., a manufacturer of plasticating products, including screws, barrels, and front-end components, offers the Extruder's Technician[TM] software package, which contains a wealth of technical information.
Spirex appointed Thomas Kegley, Stanley Mathery and Gil Yanez regional sales managers.
Artemio Palos entered the plastics industry in 1996 as an international sales manager for Spirex Corporation, which XALOY purchased in 2009.
When Spirex Corp., Youngstown, Ohio, introduced its Quantum barrier screw at NPE last year, it reported impressive performance improvements in plasticating for injection molding.