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SPIRITSService in the PSTN/IN Requesting Internet Service
SPIRITSSpectral and In-Band Radiometric Imaging of Targets and Scenes
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Spirits destined to be united in the better world are divinely commissioned to discover each other and to begin their union in this world.
When the kindred spirits have once met, no human power can really part them.
The heritage of a kingly mind, And a proud spirit which hath striven Triumphantly with human kind.
how my spirit would rejoice, And leap within me at the cry) The battle-cry of Victory!
Still the light grew brighter, and floated out into the cold air, where it hung like bright clouds above the dreary gardens, whence all the Spirits' power could not drive it; and green leaves budded on the naked trees, and flowers bloomed; but the Spirits heaped snow upon them, and they bowed their heads and died.
But he scornfully threw it aside, and bade his Spirits take her to a colder cell, deep in the earth; and there with harsh words they left her.
They in turn asked the spirits, and answered no, not on him, but on one of the royal house who should be after him.
about 1575 to about 1619), son of a counsellor of Queen Elizabeth, a lawyer; and Thomas Dekker (about 1570 to about 1640), a ne'er-do-weel dramatist and hack-writer of irrepressible and delightful good spirits.
Many heavy things are there for the spirit, the strong load-bearing spirit in which reverence dwelleth: for the heavy and the heaviest longeth its strength.
The spirit of an army is the factor which multiplied by the mass gives the resulting force.
Scrooge entered timidly, and hung his head before this Spirit.
I said; how shall we find a gentle nature which has also a great spirit, for the one is the contradiction of the other?