SPIRSSeveso Plants Information Retrieval System (industrial risk management)
SPIRSStaff-Patient Interaction Response Scale
SPIRSSilver Platter Information Retrieval Software
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Table 1 summarises the contributions of the key independent variables to each of the media diets and SPIRs examined.
SPIRS, from Silverplatter Inc., has been used only by Silverplatter.
USP DI Volume II uses SPIRS, SilverPlatter's search-and-retrieval software, which enhances the easy-to-understand text with an easy-to-use search interface.
All databases mounted on PALINET's ERL server can be accessed using any of the SilverPlatter clients, PC-SPIRS, WinSPIRS, MacSPIRS, UNIX-SPIRS, or WebSPIRS (SPIRS is the SilverPlatter Information Retrieval System).
An annual subscription to FLUIDEX on CD-ROM or World Textiles on CD-ROM includes quarterly updates, SPIRS search-and-retrieval software, documentation, and user support.
TRANSCAT is now available on the SilverPlatter SPIRS search and retrieval software through Micromedia's Voyageur ERL service.
of DOS SPIRS, however, include multiple field qualification (Updike(*) in au, su, ti), sorting of 1,000 records (instead of 100), truncation searching in limit fields (portu(*) in la), and a number of minor changes.
MEDLINE Current is unique in that it offers the most recent information using the familiar interface of SPIRS at a fixed fee.
With SilverPlatter's Information Retrieval System (SPIRS) software, users can conduct free-text, field-limited, and multiple database searches.
For some time, SilverPlatter subscribers have been asking us to make this product available to them with the familiar SPIRS interface.
The Wilsondisc version of Reader's Guide Abstracts does not allow proximity operators in searching, while the SPIRS and OVID versions do, but only the latter provides positional operators so you can search for library school without getting a number of articles that include school library.
Later, SilverPlatter published it with the DOS SPIRS software.