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SPISSpacecraft-Plasm Interaction System (physics software; EU)
SPISScottish Police Information Strategy
SPISSeller Property Information Statement (Real Estate, Canada)
SPISSuperfund Public Information System (US EPA)
SPISSlow Positron Implantation Spectroscopy (physics)
SPISSubcommittee Proposal Item
SPISService Packaging Instruction Sheet
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of Firms 1997 Fortune 500 firms named as PRP on SPIS database 245 Firms eliminated: Financial and Business Services (23) Firms named to a site with no ROD issued (27) Firms not publicly traded during entire sample period (11) Firms added as PRP during the sample period (13) Final sample of firms for analyses 171 No.
The combined company, SPIS Grilstad, will have over 900 employees and an annual turnover of approximately NOK2.
SPIS Norge is currently owned by Morekjottgruppen and Reiten & Co, while Grilstadsgruppen is wholly owned by Jenssen Holding.
In Group A, PCBL (2-4) and FGPIS (Future Generation Philippine International School) with a 3-3 card will knock each other out in their game Saturday and hopes to join Al Taj 6-0, Elite 5-1 and SPIS 5-0 in the next round.
This activity will address the improvement of the SPIS spacecraft plasma interaction simulation toolkit in order to model the low-level electrostatic environment of an ion emitting spacecraft.