SPISESummer Program in Sensory Evaluation (food; Vietnam)
SPISESelect Programme in Science and Engineering
SPISESpecial Projects in Science Education
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The sensitivity and specificity results from these 2 studies were similar to those calculated for the SPISE in our analysis [SPISE aROC from M-value, 0.
The SPISE index was designed to ameliorate the TG/HDL-C ratio, to enhance its sensitivity and specificity and thus provide an index without insulin as a (costly) parameter.
Our study examined the SPISE index by investigating nondiabetic adults [mean BMI 25.
Thus, the SPISE index can aid in the identification of this important harbinger of chronic diseases and could be incorporated into clinical trials and daily clinical practice.
14] Nonstandard abbreviations: OGTT, oral glucose tolerance test; I SI, insulin sensitivity index; HOMA-IR, homeostasis model assessment-insulin resistance; QUICKI, quantitative insulin sensitivity check index; TG, triglyceride; HDL-C, HDL cholesterol; NMR, nuclear magnetic resonance; RISC, Relationship between Insulin Sensitivity and Cardiovascular Disease; SPISE, Single Point Insulin Sensitivity Estimator; EU, European Union; Beta-JUDO, Beta-Cell Function in Juvenile Diabetes and Obesity; BMI, body mass index; aROC, area under the ROC curve; M/I, M value over insulin.