SPJSSouth Parade Junior School (UK)
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One intern works in the offices of the Society s First Amendment legal counsel in Washington, D.C., and the other intern at the SPJ National Headquarters in Indianapolis.
This is passed to JECEWSI and is used to calculate the effects in three areas: stand-off radar jammers (SOJ), self-protect jammers (SPJ) and communications jammers.
The SPJ module evaluates the effects of jammer pods and internal jamming systems used in a self-protection role against SAM sites and SHORAD track/launch and illuminate/guidance radars.
In conclusion, there is no doubt that when this new technology is available and accurately demonstrated, everybody will trust SPJs and will be prepared to allot enough volume, weight and money to get them.
Frequently, a self-protection jammer (SPJ) is not considered to be a trustworthy device during wartime operations.
However, this constitutes an enormous effort for the RWR that could even limit the multithreat capability of the SPJ itself, unless use is made of a very sophisticated RWR/ESM.
FUTURE SPJ CAPABILITIES To be really attractive, SPJ equipment must be as generic and robust as weapon systems.
As a result, and this is not a novelty, the only generally valid SPJ must be able to directly defeat the monopulse tracking systems.