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SPKRSkim Pembangunan Kesejahteraan Rakyat (Malay: Welfare Development Scheme; Malaysia)
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To overcome this problem, the researcher attended an SPKR seminar and workshop conducted by the Serian District Office, in order to obtain further information on the types of SPKR programmes and the list of Bidayuh people involved in them, as well as the areas addressed.
For example, one of the respondents, namely R1, 31 (participant of the SPKR programme), stated that:
The same idea was also given by R2, 29 (participant of the SPKR programme), R3, 31 (non-participant of the SPKR programme), and R4, 45 (participant of the SPKR programme).
R6, 38 (non-participant of the SPKR programme) suggested that:
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