SPKSSeleksi Program Kemitraan Sekolah (Indonesian: Selection of the School Partnership Program)
SPKSStowarzyszenie Polski Klub Stomatologiczny (Polish: Polish Club Dental Association)
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The subject of the public contract is the execution of a work consisting in the execution of construction works and related services and supplies consisting in reducing the energy consumption of the SPKS youth home in Horice, especially thermal insulation of perimeter walls, roof and ceiling of the youth home.
The authors would like to thank US Navy NAVAIR Fuels Division for SPKs used in this study.
reported that synthetic paraffinic kerosene (SPK) is known to have higher cetane numbers due to the lack of aromatics in the fuel [20].
Synthetic paraffinic kerosenes (SPK) were produced by the Alcohol To Jet (ATJ) and the synthesised No-paraffins from hydroprocessed fermentable sugars (SIP) pathways.
of cases Percentage (%) Superficial punctate 5 8.33% keratits (stage 1) Tarsal plate thickig with SPK 3 5% Deep epithelial punctate 13 21.67% keratitis (stage 2) Deep epithelial punctate 17 28.33% keratitis with SEIs (stage 3) Sub epithelial infiltrates 20 33.33% (SEIs) (stage 4) Corneal Nummular 2 3.33% opacities (stage 5) Total 60 100 Table 5: Treatment modality in adenoviral keratitis Treatment Modality No.
(23.) In 2007, Scale Up joined the Serikat Petani Kelapa Sawit (Association of Palm Oil Farmers, SPKS) of Riau.
(24.) One of the regular meetings of SPKS, held at various locations.
Synthetic paraffinic kerosene (SPK) derived by the Fischer-Tropsch process, and hydroprocessed esters and fatty acids (HEFA) made from sustainable sources of bio-derived oils, are now certified for commercial flight when blended with jet fuel.
The major aircraft and aero-engine OEMs are bullish and frankly wouldn't have considered using SPK or HEFA unless they could demonstrate full drop-in performance.
The subject of the public contract is the supply of a new heat source, including installation and commissioning, and the provision of related services at the SPKS Youth Home in Horice.
Tenders Are Invited for Supply of Next Stage of Modernization of Technical Equipment for Unique Fields Spks in Horice -dodvka Equipment - Compressor
Desktop of HCL Core 2 DUO E7300,2GB, DDR, 320 GB HDD, 18.5 TFT, DVD Writer, Integrated Graphic & Audio 10/100/100 LAN Spks and its Peripherals etc.