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SPLINTSingle Pot Library of Intracellular Antibodies
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The top of the splint bone fractures and can cause serious lameness initially, but the bones then knit together, which is what causes the small lump.
The patients in the splint group received Reuter-type fluoroplastic bivalve intranasal septal splints with prepunched holes of standard 0.
For Nadal fans, seeing the 14-time Grand Slam champion practicing without the splint is a good sign that he might recover just in time for the US Open championships.
Glenn Green, one of the doctors who developed the device, said that they know that splint was working and the toddler was able to ventilate both lungs for the first time.
Cantillon said: "It is incredibly unfortunate, but the worst thing would have been if one of his legs went, but as it turned out it is just a nasty splint.
It's all to do with a splint that flared up earlier on and that's why we took out the earlier part of the season.
The splint was then held in place with an additional layer of cast padding and an elastic bandage.
Paul will have 10 days of complete rest and spend three weeks in a protective splint before commencing a rehabilitation programme which should see him fit for the start of the 2013 season.
But a newer trend is to use jewellery on removable splints, said a Jawels rep at the show.