SPLMSudan People's Liberation Movement
SPLMShielded Planar Layered Media
SPLMScalable Polynomial Leakage Model (semiconductors)
SPLMSupported Planar Lipid Bilayer Membrane (biochemistry)
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The realities of our political differences within the SPLM which happen in 2013 managed to surface clearly again in the signing of the compromise peace agreement," said Kiir, who did not take questions from journalists after reading a prepared speech.
Amum says the SPLM cannot afford dividing itself into officially nominated and independently contesting candidates, adding: "those independent comrades should put the party interest first".
The SPLM functions in the southern countryside, although not in the towns of Wau and Juba or in much of Upper Nile.
Former SPLM secretary-general Pagan Amum Okiech (Reuters)
Surely, the IGAD has been over trapped into the fallacious thinking that South Sudan is the SPLM and the SPLM is South Sudan.
We in the SPLM Leaders, we feel that SPLM has to be rescued equally in the way that we are trying to rescue South Sudan, because we can't allow this history to go to the dust bin," Kuol told reporters in Juba.
This article shall explore historical origin of political parties, and unpack the significant reasons surrounding the importance of SPLM in the South Sudanese history of struggle and in the context of political genesis of freedom, and as well as the current political dispensation of South Sudan as a new republic.
Their press statement was on a headed paper of SPLM General Headquarters, Office of Deputy Chairman, but without a reference number though signed by Gen.
The former vice-president and current first deputy chairman of the SPLM Riek Machar, backed by several senior party leaders, called on Kiir to convene a meeting of the party's highest executive organ, the Political Bureau (PB) that will set an agenda for the planned convening of the National Liberation Council (NLC).
In a document seen by Sudan Tribune dated 2 November, and bearing the signature of Andrew Kueach Mayol, the Acting SPLM Chairperson in the state, 14 reasons are given as reasons why SPLM in the state had lost confidence in the Governor.
Caretaker governor Joseph Nguen Monytuel, while addressing SPLM caucus in Unity state on Thursday called for unity within the party members before they headed to their areas to explain the former rebel group's mission and vision.
Kiir was reacting to infighting between SPLM members who are vying for a finite number of government and party positions.