SPLPShort Play Long Play
SPLPSynthetic Precipitation Leaching Procedure
SPLPSurat Perjalanan Laksana Paspor (Indonesian travel document)
SPLPSimple Plant Location Problem (mathematics)
SPLPScottish Practice Learning Project (Scottish Social Services Council and Scottish Institute for Excellence in Social Work Education; UK)
SPLPStabilized Plasmid-Lipid Particle
SPLPState Parliamentary Labor Party (Australia)
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The Company and BlackBrush have contributed approximately US$26 million in the aggregate to the SPLP to cover acquisition and start-up costs as well as the costs to drill and complete the first well.
Whereas SPLP test that was used to examine the leaching behavior of the materials under the situation of simulated acid rain was not investigated for galvanic sludge before that, although some of the other wastes such as chromated copper arsenate (CCA)-treated wood [17], lead-based paint [18], copper slag [19], zinc extraction residue [20] has been investigated.
Table-3: The leachate results from ASTM, SPLP and rain water tests comparison with TSE-266, EPA and WHO limit values.
Differing from previous works, three leaching test procedures, SPLP, shake extraction of solid waste with water and rain water tests were simultaneously used to explore the influence of leaching behavior of galvanic sludge.
SPLP test shows that the concentrations of the Cr, Ni and Zn dissolved from the galvanic sludge are about (1.
A comparison of the results (Table-3) reveals that the rain water leaching procedure results shows much higher dissolved metal concentrations than ASTM and SPLP procedures.
SPLP currently owns approximately 70% of HNH's outstanding shares.
SPLP's proposal contemplates that a special committee of independent directors would be appointed by the board of directors of HNH to consider the proposal and make a recommendation to the board, and that SPLP will not move forward with the proposed transaction unless it results from such a process and is approved by such a special committee.
In addition, the proposed transaction will be subject to a non-waivable condition requiring the approval of a majority of the outstanding shares of HNH not owned by SPLP or its affiliates, as well as other customary closing conditions.
The company said that at present it owns about 70% of Handy & Harman's outstanding shares and pursuant to the agreement, together with a wholly owned subsidiary will begin an exchange offer for all the outstanding shares of Handy & Harman's common stock (not owned by SPLP or any of its affiliated entities) for 1.