SPLSSna Primary Lu2 Support
SPLSState Parent Locator Service (child support enforcement; various states)
SPLSSupporting People Local System (UK)
SPLSSiemens Procurement and Logistics Services
SPLSSingle Particle Light Scattering (photometry)
SPLSSuffolk Public Library System (Virginia)
SPLSSparse Least Squares
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This study was a case-control study that compared the outcomes of 99 cases of SPLS and 104 conventional laparoscopic adnexal procedures for adnexal masses between December 2013 and March 2015 performed by a single surgeon.
The SPLS port with three access ports (one 12-mm port and two 5-mm ports) as well as a gas inlet, which was produced in Tonglu, Hangzhou, China, was used.
After a 2–3 cm transverse transumbilical incision was made, an SPLS port wound retractor (30 mm), which was composed of a distal ring, a proximal ring, and a cylindrical connecting sleeve,[sup][8] was then inserted to expand the edge of the incision laterally.
Notably, in SPLS groups, the median EBL and the anal exsufflation time were significantly less than those of the conventional group (5 ml vs.
This article outlines our approach to SPLS in the gynecologic patient and provides an overview of instrumentation, with the aim of allowing you to consider whether this approach might be feasible in your surgical practice, at your institution.
When SPLS is performed through the umbilicus, the instruments must be held closer to the midline and more cephalad than during conventional laparoscopy to permit adequate visualization and manipulation.
In fact, the development of ports with multiple instrument channels has revolutionized SPLS.
improves visualization The ability to visualize the operative field is vital to any surgery, including SPLS.
On SPLS, however, the speculative crowd is firmly in neutral territory, illustrated by a Schaeffer's put/call open interest ratio (SOIR) reading of 0.
Short interest is hardly worthy of mention on any of these names, although it is notable that SPLS has the lowest short-interest-to-float ratio of the trio, while OMX shoulders the lowest short-interest ratio.
One might look at these analysts' ratings and naturally conclude that SPLS has turned in the superior price action of late.
In July, SPLS violated long-term support from its 20-month moving average, enduring its first monthly close beneath this trendline since October 2002.