SPLYSame Period Last Year (US Postal Service)
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9% over SPLY and PSO maintained its market leadership with a market share of 44.
Net turnover for the Chemicals Business grew by 20% against the SPLY, owing to higher sales volumes and an expanding customer base.
5 percent SPLY, whereas the market share in White Oil stood at 44.
The estimated bending moment capacities of the joint for OSB, HPLY, and SPLY, respectively, and the calculated bending moments acting on the joint for the three stated design levels are given in Table 4.
The Company's operating result over the six months at PKR 2,058 million is higher by 6% compared to the SPLY, mainly due to improved performances in the Polyester and Life Sciences Businesses.
Operating profit for the year at Rs 4,044 million is 16 percent higher than the SPLY, with improved performances in the Polyester, Life Sciences and Chemicals Businesses.
Gaseous fuels business has shown improvement with rise in sales volume of LPG by 134 percent and LNG by 107 percent over SPLY.
OSB stands for oriented strandboard; SPLY stands for southern pine plywood; HPLY stands for hardwood plywood; DFP stands for Douglas-fir plywood.
Accordingly the turnover of Rs355 billion during Q1 FY15 has been 5 percent lower than that of Rs364 billion during SPLY largely due to the effects of circular debt floods and civil disturbance in certain areas on the vast retail network of PSO.
However, in 3Q only, profit of SSGCL raised by 5 percent to Rs594 million against Rs563 million in SPLY.
According to the press release the net turnover for the six month period under review at Rs 23,177 million, increased by 18 per cent compared to the SPLY.