SPMASociety for Post Medieval Archaeology (UK)
SPMASouthern Pacific Masters Association
SPMASport Management (college program)
SPMASelf Propelled Mobile Artillery (from the game Unreal Tournament 2004)
SPMASouthwest Parks and Monuments Association (now Western National Parks Association)
SPMASeattle Popular Monorail Authority
SPMASelf-Propelled Medium Artillery (Star Wars)
SPMASingapore Pest Management Association
SPMASao Paulo Metropolitan Area
SPMASchool of Public Management and Administration
SPMAspinal progressive muscular atrophy
SPMASoftware Package Management Agent
SPMASinosic-Perosh Martial Arts (Australia)
SPMASpecialists Production Mechanization and Automation
SPMAStandardized Procedures for Mortality Analysis
SPMASue Powell Marketing Associates (UK)
SPMASelf-Protecting Mobile Agents
SPMASchool of Pilipino Mastery Arts
SPMASlovenian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association
SPMAStructural Pest Management Association (British Columbia, Canada)
SPMASchool Plant Managers Association
SPMASeattle Police Management Association (Seattle, WA, USA)
SPMASPECTRUM Portable Management Application
SPMASmethwick Pakistani Muslim Association (UK)
SPMAScratch Players Mid-Amateur
SPMASport Management Association
SPMASwedish Poultry Meat Association
SPMASoftware Process Modelling Approach
SPMASignal Processor Modem Assembly
SPMASquare Planar Monopole Antenna
SPMAStanley Project Management Associates, Inc.
SPMASmall Property Management Advisers
SPMASchool of Public and Management Administration (University of Pretoria; South Africa)
SPMAState Plan for Medical Assistance (Virginia)
SPMAState Police Municipal Academy (Massachusetts)
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SPMA USA will continue to accept donations for the Pauline Polar Plunge throughout the month of January.
After a hookahsmoking event in a private home, SPMA levels were two times higher among hookah smokers, but normal among nonsmokers.
When a model based on each technique was used to predict Dry-Bulb Temperature (DBT), Global Horizontal Irradiance (GHI), and Relative Humidity (RH), it was found that GHI was best predicted by EWMA models, DBT by SPMA models, and RH was well-predicted by all models.
The investigated SPMA models used d = 60; weighting concerns and dynamic adaptation are considered below.
The basic elements described are combined to produce the dynamic short-term weather forecasting, according to the strategy of absolute deviation SPMA without external forecasts as seen in Equation 4:
Descriptive statistics were computed for the entire sample and then by sub-group (Athletes, Recreational, PEKN, SPMA, High School), along with age and gender to identify mean value rankings.
And SPMA president James Lim maintains his optimism: "In recent years, the profile of paint companies in Singapore has risen significantly through the SPMA and members are now able to maintain a more prominent presence with relevant government and regulatory authorities," he said.
A SPMA source said: 'Zahur was a member of SPMA while Mahmood was the co-ordinator and they definitely know each other.
The SPMA allows for the RMP to detain suspects when there are reasonable grounds to believe a person is associated with any activity relating to or involving the trafficking in dangerous drugs.
It is through comprehensive solutions like this as well as the broad range of SPMA devices, IGBTs, gate drivers, PFC-PWM combos, MOSFETs, phototransistors and diodes that make Fairchild the ideal motor control solution for circuit designers that need to maximize energy savings in power sensitive applications.
The SPMA allows for the detention without trial of suspects who pose a threat to public order or national security.
In December 1999, the SPMA failed to proceed, and the two companies have since been attempting to resolve their differences.