SPMFStraits Times School Pocket Money Fund (Singapore)
SPMFSyndicat des Producteurs de Miel de France
SPMFSequential Pseudo-Measurement Filter
SPMFStrategic Partners Mutual Funds, Inc.
SPMFSimons' Pond Music Festival (Wayne, PA)
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SPMF is the first methodology specifically designed for building highly scalable database applications on top of symmetric multiprocessor (SMP), clustered, and massively parallel (MPP) hardware platforms, resulting in applications that have unprecedented levels of scalability and adaptability, thereby eliminating systems that are outdated soon after completion.
The SPMF approach to scalable application design and implementation is based on years of real-world experience building scalable solutions for large organizations.
The SPMF approach was specifically designed to ensure that the entire solution will be optimized for scalability, so an application can grow as rapidly as the need grows.
Scalable Approach - Not only does SPMF help with the development of scalable applications, but the approach itself is scalable.
The SPMF approach was specifically tailored to scalable systems, ensuring that the application makes optimal use of the investment made in scalable hardware and software.
Reduced Risk - SPMF is a structured approach which removes guesswork, thereby reducing the risk associated with building scalable applications.