SPMGSouth Pacific Mini Games (now Pacific Mini Games; sporting event)
SPMGScottish Primary Mathematics Group
SPMGSignal Processing and Multimedia Group (University of British Columbia; Canada)
SPMGSenior Print Media Group (San Diego, CA)
SPMGSacramento Professional Men's Group
SPMGSolo Pa Mi Gente (band)
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9) to incorporate those presumed to have SPMG without a confirmatory test.
The annual IR of SPMG in CT is much the same as rates recorded recently in other developed countries, but the rest of SA has a much lower IR.
No epidemiological data on SPMG are available for Africa.
We estimated that an additional 8 patients would have been diagnosed with SPMG by these doctors if the assay had been performed in all patients.
Although most of the CT males (63%) developed SPMG after the age of 50, the majority (62%) of the late-onset group were female.
The annual IR for SPMG in the CT municipal area, as averaged for the period 2003-2004, is comparable with recent incidence rates reported from Greece (13) but lower than the IRs for SPMG in Spain and the UK (6,8) (Table I).
7,13) Regional health care delivery is likely to be a major contributing factor in the difference between the crude annual IR of SPMG in SA, and that in CT; the latter is more than 4 times higher than the IR of the country overall.
SPMG Corporate Expense, our overhead expense at the SPMG operating subsidiary headquartered in Oklahoma City, OK
Assembled a new management team at our SPMG subsidiary in November 2008 with a deep bench of experience and strong reputation in the Oklahoma market.
Comprised of five facilities in Oklahoma, SPMG offers a wide range of services including cardiology, pediatrics, oncology, orthopedics, radiology and urgent care.
Pacific Medical Center and Clinics is one of the state's largest staff-model group practices, with more than 140 health-care providers before the acquisition of SPMG.
Consultant shall be based in the offices of the SPMG in