SPMHSid Peterson Memorial Hospital (Kerrville, TX)
SPMHSolution to the Problem of Malicious Hosts (software)
SPMHSanta Paula Memorial Hospital (California)
SPMHSales per Man Hour (labor cost)
SPMHSpecialist Practitioner Mental Health
SPMHSeverely Profound Mentally Handicapped
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At June 30, 2008, SPMH recorded a slight operating gain of approximately $717,000 (0.
In 2008, SPMH lost several key physicians, including primary care physicians and hospitalists, and experienced difficulty recruiting new physicians, partially due to its rural location in Kerrville, TX.
SPMH is a 145 licensed bed community hospital with 2006 operating revenues of $73.
Located in Kerr County, TX, SPMH benefits from being a sole community provider with the nearest competing acute care hospital located 22 miles away.
With the current debt issuance, SPMH will be highly leveraged with maximum annual debt service (MADS) as a percentage of revenues of 7.
Nonetheless, Medicare remains a profitable payor for SPMH due to effective patient utilization, coding, and cost controls.