SPMRSuperparamagnetic Relaxometry
SPMRSão Paulo Metropolitan Region
SPMRStandardized Proportional Mortality Ratio
SPMRSeaWiFS Profiling Multichannel Radiometer
SPMRSub-Project Monitoring Report
SPMRSpecial Process Malaysia Rubber
SPMRSerial Poll Mode Register
SPMRSeverely and Profoundly Mentally Retarded
SPMRStandardised Perinatal Mortality Ratio
SPMRSingle Probe Multiple Reply (IPv6)
SPMRSolid Phase Microwave Reactor (Milestone)
SPMRSouthern Provinces Mounted Rifles
SPMRSmitepod Music Review
SPMRSwimming Pool Meeting Room
SPMRStandard Pierside Maintenance and Repair Request
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With the exception of site 4, located on the Lajas River, a tributary, all sites were on the SPMR itself.
They represent 87 and 39%, respectively, of the species so far recorded for the SPMR basin (49 volant and 46 nonvolant species, Lopez-Gonzalez et al.
We found the opposite pattern in the SPMR, where results suggest that there are proportionally more species of rodents able to use resources throughout the river basin than there are bats.
In this scenario, mammal species that otherwise would be confined to one vegetation association can occur in more than one at the SPMR, probably tracking specific resources that are able to occur in more than one plant association along the elevational-vegetational gradient.
Our analysis of the SPMR basin revealed Gleasonian metacommunity structures that likely are linked by dispersal.