SPMTSerial Port Memory Technology (memory interface architecture)
SpMTSpeculative Multithreading (computer architecture)
SPMTSelf Propelled Modular Transporter
SPMTSoftware Process Modeling Technology
SPMTSingle Pole Multithrow (switch)
SPMTStatic Prefix Mapping Table
SPMTStrategic Planning and Management Team
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The right of way on the east and west sides of 1-94 needed only minor grading to accommodate the SPMT equipment.
The SPMT was engineered to provide unparalleled maneuverability in the heavy transport market.
Once the 12 axles of SPMT had positioned the anchors alongside the barge Ale utilised a Manitowoc 16000 y AC350 to lift each piece onto the barge.
They coordinate volunteerism and provide input for decision-making by making recommendations to the SPMT related to school policy and procedures.
SPMTs are multiaxle, computer-controlled vehicles that can move in any horizontal direction while maintaining payload geometry and equal axle loads.
A 4-file, 22-axle SPMT was used to avoid the use of bolsters.
In conjunction with the advanced SPMT technology, the Mediterranean mooring manoeuvre was used with additional loadout plates in order to balance the immense operation.
A SPMT is a platform vehicle with a large array of wheels on the bottom.
The SPMT Working Group's goal is to define a technology that reduces pin count by a minimum of 40 percent, provides a bandwidth range from 3.
At the time of the bridge move, this project represented the largest bridge ever moved into place using SPMT s.
Lockheed Martin's SPMT initiative promotes continuous improvement to maximize resources and competitive edge, in turn lowering product and operational costs.
MPSC has a team of specially trained operators for SPMT operations supported by a highly experienced operations team headed by Ely Coyoca, international operations manager, who has been in the field for the past 25 years and involved in some of the largest moves in the region and beyond.