SPMTSerial Port Memory Technology (memory interface architecture)
SPMTSpeculative Multithreading (computer architecture)
SPMTSelf Propelled Modular Transporter
SPMTSoftware Process Modeling Technology
SPMTSafety Program Management Team
SPMTSingle Pole Multithrow (switch)
SPMTStatic Prefix Mapping Table
SPMTStrategic Planning and Management Team
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Prior to the launch, Mammoet Canada worked closely with Seaspan on a technical review of the proposed SPMT transportation plan.
Connecting more SPMT trailer units side-by-side creates a wider loading platform ensuring stability of the load during transport and enhancing safety.
The right of way on the east and west sides of 1-94 needed only minor grading to accommodate the SPMT equipment.
Once the 12 axles of SPMT had positioned the anchors alongside the barge Ale utilised a Manitowoc 16000 y AC350 to lift each piece onto the barge.
Developed by the SPMT Consortium, Serial Switch technology ensures to deliver four times the bandwidth pin-for-pin at half the power of existing memory solutions, and offers smooth, low-cost migration from parallel to serial memories .
They coordinate volunteerism and provide input for decision-making by making recommendations to the SPMT related to school policy and procedures.
SPMTs are multiaxle, computer-controlled vehicles that can move in any horizontal direction while maintaining payload geometry and equal axle loads.
All of the draglines were lifted--once their shoes and any other components that might get in the way were removed--by an engineered jacking system and supported by cribbing that was sequentially removed as the SPMTs were positioned under the dragline.
The ceremony held in Paris saw ALE pick up the awards for: * Innovation award for end users * Crane job of the year (Lattice Boom cranes) * SPMT job of the year
Each SPMT unit can be steered individually and is monitored and controlled by a computerized system.
The SPMT is responsible for promoting effective communication among teachers, students, and parents.
SPMT units (self-propelled modular transporter) are special trailers designed for transporting extremely heavy items.