SPNASoapstone Prairie Natural Area (Fort Collins, CO)
SPNASumika Polymers North America (Griffin, GA)
SPNASchool of Public and Nonprofit Administration (Michigan)
SPNAStanton Park Neighborhood Association (Washington, DC)
SPNASpecially Protected Nature Areas
SPNASecure Public Networks Act
SPNASaab Parts of North America (automobiles)
SPNAStuyvesant Park Neighborhood Association (New York, NY)
SPNASpruce Park Neighborhood Association (Albuquerque, NM)
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As for the SPNA, the enhanced SST skill in most of these regions appears to be related to collocated improvements in T295 skill and is resilient to detrending (Fig.
Curiously, the high CESM-DPLE skill at predicting SPNA SST noted earlier is no better than in the old CCSM4-DP system (Fig.
ACC as a function of lead time for (a) boreal summer (JAS) precipitation averaged over the Sahel (I0[degrees]-20[degrees]N, 20[degrees]W-I0[degrees]E), (b) the annual RSI (the difference between subtropical North Atlantic SST averaged over I0[degrees]-40[degrees]N, 75[degrees]W-I5[degrees]E and global tropical SST averaged over 20[degrees]S-20[degrees]N), and (c) annual SST in the SPNA (50[degrees]-60oN, 45[degrees]-IO[degrees]W).
Examples of such methods include, using tube first approach, or using SPNA.
The SPNA was originally described for atraumatic nasogastric tube insertion.
In our study, we found that the duration taken for intubation using SPNA method was lesser than tube first method.
While introducing the fiberscope through the nasal tube or SPNA, no bleeding was seen in 90% of the patients in Group B, as compared to 52.6% in Group A.
21 SPNA's leadership contended that the ruling party (PPP) has failed to deliver and they were a "better option" to safeguard the interests of indigenous population through electoral politics, Jan Khaskheli, "Nationalist Parties form Alliance to Safeguard Sindh's Natural Resources", The News International, July 27, 2010.
SPNA is a strong and growing company, and we feel privileged to contribute to their growth and success," said Donny Rosenberg.
To recognize and acknowledge Metlakatla claims to aboriginal rights and interests in their traditional territory within which the SPNA project is located;
To develop and operate the SPNA project in an environmentally friendly manner and to comply with applicable laws relating to the protection of the environment and to ensure that all cultural and traditional use sites within the SPNA development area are protected and to exercise high standards of environmental stewardship;
To provide Metlakatla the first opportunity to fill the positions of employment and securing contracts for the provision of goods and/or services for or related to the SPNA project;