SPNESubgame Perfect Nash Equilibrium (game theory)
SPNESignal Processing Network Equipment
SPNESail Port Northern Europe (business incubator)
SPNESingle Pole Neutral and Earth
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This treatment aims at testing whether communication allows individuals to coordinate on the SPNE more rapidly and in a higher proportion, in particular by using a turn-taking strategy.
2]) for the investor, which represents the SPNE of the game being studied (9).
1](t - 1) it is necessary to find the SPNE of each vote market [SIGMA][r] that has taken place in each stage T of history [h.
Although SPNE Solution = {(-C, -S), (-C, -S)}, G still agreed to purchase the assets and be the loan guarantor.
G] - 1) < 1, then there does not exist a SPNE outcome in which the project is completed in the first period.
In the SPNE of the T period repeated game, the stage game Nash equilibrium is repeated every period.
Cependant, en diminuant la prestation d'assistance des familles en proportion du montant du SPNE recu, on reintroduit dans la logique de l'assistance le principe de la moindre admissibilite, selon lequel la prestation d'assistance se doit d'etre moindre que le salaire du travailleur le plus pauvre.
It gives us conditions such that two different games can have the same SPNE outcome despite differences in terms of commitment patterns and coalition structures.
The increasing usage of networks (such as wireless and advanced networking), adoption of a wide range of network technologies by the companies, and the requirement for high backhaul capacity by service providers are driving the SPNE market.
Under Assumption 1, the model has an almost surely unique SPNE.
match produces a much higher payoff/level of fitness for the group compared with SPNE strategy pairing ([?
n]), we study the SPNE of a two-stage game in which the firms simultaneously choose their plant locations in stage one; in stage two, after observing their competitors' locations, the firms simultaneously compete in quantities.