SPNESubgame Perfect Nash Equilibrium (game theory)
SPNESignal Processing Network Equipment
SPNESail Port Northern Europe (business incubator)
SPNESingle Pole Neutral and Earth
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SPNE Solution = {(HR, Ats), (HR, Ats)} represents the operations that are recursively repeated backward until the beginning point of the game is reached.
The Pareto-dominant SPNE outcome of the game with cost reduction involves one player contributing in period 1, two of the remaining four players contributing in period 2, and the final two players not contributing.
The Pareto-dominant SPNE outcome of the game without cost reduction involves three of five players contributing in period 1 and the remaining two players not contributing.
In the SPNE of the T period repeated game, the stage game Nash equilibrium is repeated every period.
The graphical analysis above suggests that subjects in the monopoly treatment could manage higher profits, contradictory to the finitely repeated SPNE prediction.
Cependant, en diminuant la prestation d'assistance des familles en proportion du montant du SPNE recu, on reintroduit dans la logique de l'assistance le principe de la moindre admissibilite, selon lequel la prestation d'assistance se doit d'etre moindre que le salaire du travailleur le plus pauvre.
The increasing usage of networks (such as wireless and advanced networking), adoption of a wide range of network technologies by the companies, and the requirement for high backhaul capacity by service providers are driving the SPNE market.
match produces a much higher payoff/level of fitness for the group compared with SPNE strategy pairing ([?
n]), we now list several properties of a SPNE location vector.
The SPNE market in BRIC is transforming from the traditional large-scale production to mass customization.
Under Assumptions 1-4, the only possible outcomes in period one of the SPNE are as follows:
For each strategic trade instrument (subsidy and tariff), we determine the SPNE outcomes of the two-stage game described above.