SPNFZSouth Pacific Nuclear Free Zone treaty
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In 1983 when Australia under its newly elected Labour government resurrected the SPNFZ proposal at a meeting of the South Pacific Forum, Muldoon ungraciously accepted the consensus; but he made it clear that he regarded the proposal formulated by the Australians -- which did not affect the movement of nuclear ships -- as lacking in substance.
The SPNFZ has its roots in the internal politics of the Australian Labor Party (ALP).
There have been three sets of nuclear disarmament negotiations and their treaties which have a bearing on French nuclear testing: the nuclear nonproliferation treaty (NPT), the comprehensive test ban treaty (CTBT) and the South Pacific Nuclear Free Zone Treaty (SPNFZ).
A by-product of the Rainbow Warrior destruction was the fresh impetus it gave to the South Pacific Nuclear Free Zone Treaty (SPNFZ).