SPNISociety for the Protection of Nature in Israel
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There is no better illustration of the sense of ideological hegemony that the SPNI tours produce than what Cohen* as one of his "small and personal" papers, so seemingly (to him) minor that it does not even find a place in his publications list.
Assuredly there is little, if any, place in the tours of the SPNI for thinking about the relation of Palestinian Israelis to the land, or even the very existence of Muslim or Christian Palestinians within Israel or beyond the Green Line.
Leshem spent 24 years at SPNI, as a guide, as director of a field school and, from 1991 to 1995, as its director general.
"The man has nothing but birds on his mind," says Uri Goldflam, Director of External Relations and Development at SPNI. "There are many ornithologists in Israel but no one has the kind of energy and charisma that Yossi does.
A coalition of 25 environmental groups in different parts of the city, Sustainable Jerusalem was started by SPNI and the Forum of the Future of Jerusalem (FFJ).
To protect this precious municipal forest from further encroachment and to ensure that the remaining trees will endure, Guardians of the Forest has joined the SPNI in lobbying the Knesset for statutory protection.
Housed within SPNI but not technically a part of it, INT is funded by the sale of trail maps and private donations.
In addition, the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel (SPNI) said= the new city, in its new location, would mar the open horizon, would reduc= e the amount of open areas, and would cause ecological damage.
Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel (SPNI) inspector Yoni Sharir said the camels also create a problem in the open fields of the Negev.