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SPOCKStar Pilot On Channel K (band)
SPOCKSecurity Proof of Concept Keystone (consortium)
SPOCKStructural Properties Observation and Calculation Kit (Texas A&M University)
SPOCKSynth Pop Och Cyber Kultur (band)
SPOCKSparc/Osteonectin, CWCV (Cys-Trp-Cys-Val) and Kazal-Like Domains Proteoglycan (genetics)
SPOCKSpace Pioneers Orbiting Ceti K (band)
SPOCKSmall Portable Operations Communications Kit (US Army)
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Peck's version of Spock is expected to be "emotionally fluid" with people close to him.
And, as someone who grew up with Capt Kirk and Mr Spock and later followed the exploits of Capt Picard and co, it was a great way to spend an hour.
The ship's destruction comes in a lengthy battle scene that's expensive but not very lucid -- I wasn't sure which crew member was where, or indeed whether it was better to be in the saucer or the engine-shaped lower section -- after which the crew find themselves scattered around a hostile planet: Bones is with Spock, Scotty by himself, Sulu and Uhura captured by Krall (who's after a gizmo which Kirk has hidden somewhere), and so on.
Spock: Yesterday we discussed the P versus NP problem [2, 3] and agreed that it is a problem of not only great philosophical importance, but also it has practical implications.
MR SPOCK'S son has launched a campaign to raise PS400,000 to pay for a documentary film about his father.
Spock on the television series--and later movie franchise--Star Trek.
OTTAWA, Ontario -- The death of actor Leonard Nimoy last week has inspired people to post photos on social media of marked-up five-dollar Canadian banknotes that show former prime minister Wilfrid Laurier transformed to resemble Spock, Nimoy's famous ''Star Trek'' character.
In truth, it was Nimoy's considerable chops that made Spock the role of a lifetime.
George Takei, who starred alongside Nimoy as Mr Sulu, told yesterday how the man who found fame as alien Spock fought for racial equality in showbusiness He said Nimoy, 83, refused to be the voice of Spock for a 1973 cartoon version of the show until makers agreed to cast Takei and Nichelle Nichols, who played Uhura.
Spock in the television series Star Trek had on scientists, engineers, space explorers and fans around the globe.