SPOCSSimple Procedures Online for Cross-Border Services (EU administrative records project)
SPOCSSpectroscopic Properties of Cool Stars (astronomy)
SPOCSSingle Point of Contact System
SPOCSSimulator of Performance of Copper Systems (software)
SPOCSSurgical Planning and Orientation Computer Systems
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She said efforts were being made to improve the yield of independent smallholders through the Sustainable Palm Oil Cluster (SPOC) to implement MSPO.
SPOCS: The Doable Open Courses for Medium-Sized Institutions.
The single-point of contact (SPoC) call management solution was designed specifically to address the challenges mortgage servicers face in implementing regulatory requirements for SPoC.
Douglas Fisher: My primary interest is in blended learning models, where I use SPOCs to support campus courses and my campus students and TAs help the campus-unaffiliated SPOC students.
We found three concepts: small private online course (SPOC); little open online course (LOOC), and distributed open collaborative courses (DOCC).
(2) Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC), Special Purpose Online Courses (SPOC), and Massive Open Online Degrees (MOOD) are all web-accessed and -delivered learning environments free of specific classroom space.
The interest surrounding SPOCs started when HarvardX announced it would be offering these types of courses during the fall of 2013, "intended only for enrolled students" (Rutter, 2013, para.
It's a huge online class with thousands of students, but the demand of student need was such that we ended up breaking it into SPOCs. The reality we experienced is that students needed a lot of support like they do in a standard class," she says.
SPOCs were also assigned inactive borrowers (ones who did not respond) and borrowers going through short sales and other actions.
Imagine expanding our campus offerings through wrappers, SPOCs, and formats yet to be implemented, on subjects with no local faculty expertise, but with local faculty participating as lead learners, side by side with their students.
EdX is also engaged in partnerships to customize courses with each of its partner schools, leading to what Anant Agarwal calls a SPOC or "small private online course." These SPOCs blend online materials available only to students enrolled in the course with classroom interaction with professors.
Appendix: National and International Cooperation to Combat Counterfeiting of Medicines and Pharmaceutical Crimes: A Model For a Network and Single Points of Contact (SPOCs).