SPOFSingle Point of Failure
SPOFSociety for the Propagation of the Faith (Catholic Church)
SPOFScience Planning and Operations Facility (ISTP)
SPOFStrategic Plan for Ontario Fisheries (est. 1976; Ministry of Natural Resources; Canada)
SPOFSymmetric Phase Only Filtering
SPOFScreen Printers Open Forum
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Everyone wants to produce high-quality product, and every company has its fair share of SPOF.
To address the issue of SPOF, the IVHM network can be made fault-tolerant by duplicating or federating the pub/sub server.
Distributing the Metadata: As discussed earlier, creating a SPOF by using a single NameNode can risk your system's availability.
Electrical power is always a SPOF for the cooling system; if power is lost the cooling system is lost.