SPOHStar Platinum Over Heaven
SPOHSince Propeller Over Haul (Aircraft)
SPOHSpecialist Practitioner Occupational Health
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Thus, these individuals only sought medical care after oral pathological processes had reached an advanced stage; given that conservative treatments are generally expensive, they typically chose the option of dental extraction, leading to the gradual loss of teeth observed to be associated with poor SPOH.
In this study, we observed a higher frequency of poor SPOH (GOHAI score [less than or equal to] 44) in the male group.
In addition, results from the current study indicated that married subjects reported better SPOH levels than unmarried subjects.
Based on the cutoff thresholds established for Anglo-Saxon populations, the mean GOHAI score obtained in the present study (46.5 [+ or -] 8.1) corresponds to poor SPOH (6).
Thus, these treatments affect biological, psychological, and social domains and thereby influence SPOH. In accordance with this reasoning, Trejo-Juarez et al.
In particular, our findings showed that elderly subjects with more than 12 missing teeth are more likely to have poor SPOH statuses.
The results of the current study also indicated that because the ability of edentulous elderly individuals to chew correctly is determined by denture function, the use of an ill-fitting denture is associated with poor SPOH among the examined elderly subjects.
Our study demonstrated that poor SPOH is associated with gender (male), low income and low educational level, independently and poor oral health.