SPOMSchizosaccharomyces Pombe
SPOMSamenwerkingsverband Primair Onderwijs Maasland (Dutch: Primary Education Grouping Maasland; Maasland, Netherlands)
SPOMSkate Park of Memphis (Tennessee)
SPOMStanford Peace of Mind (Stanford University; Palo Alto, CA)
SPOMSharePoint Object Model (Microsoft)
SPOMSuspended Particulate Organic Material
SPOMService and Parts Operations Manager (automotive)
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SPOM was gathered from a thin scraping of the surface sediment ([less than or equal to] 1 cm in depth) obtained from the Petite Ponar sample, and measured as loss on ignition (Froelich 1980).
There was a significant site-by-date interaction in SPOM (P < 0.
Although there were significant site-by-date differences for SPOM, overall reproductive effort was not significantly different among the sites, suggesting that variable concentrations of SPOM and TOC are not predictors of the fecundity of C.
SPOM bulk and < 10 [micro]m fractions sampled at Station S-0 averaged -21.
15]N values in western Florida Bay, which suggest that nitrogen fixation represents a significant nutrient source although this cannot be explained to Okhotsk Sea coastal station, because the SPOM values can still be considered higher compared with their results.