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SPONGSecretariat Permanent des Organisations Non Gouvernementales (Burkina Faso)
SPONGSmart People Object to Nonexistent Gods
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Spong said, and is intended to elucidate pregnancy risks in symptomatic vs.
Separation of church and state is always under attack," Spong said.
A speaker at the marcus evans National Healthcare CFO Summit Fall 2012, in Dallas, Texas, October 21-23, Spong talks about the 10th revision of The International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems, and how Healthcare CFOs and hospitals should plan for the changes coming their way.
Mr Spong said: "Mick Hutt, now living in Fishguard, Pembrokeshire, played for Combined Services three times against the Australian tourists and was chosen as reserve prop for England v Australia at Twickenham and against Wales.
Spong offered the same theory in his 1992 book, "Born of a Woman.
Spong contends that in spite of the barbarity of much material in the Bible the broad saga is one of a society whose concept of God evolves from a combative tribal deity into a humane one.
Episcopal bishop John Spong, passionately opposed to literalism in religion, has attained fame by urging the necessity of a living alternative to orthodoxy and secular disbelief.
On page 15 Anglican John Shelby Spong returns to argue that the acceptance of homosexuality must be part of "modern consciousness," which is now rejecting "an old and inadequate definition.
It is clear that Spong rejects the first option and tends toward the second.
Spong has made himself notorious by using academic biblical criticism to assail traditional Christian orthodoxy.
Stephen Dupont is director of media relations for Carmichael Lynch Spong Public Relations, Minneapolis, Minn.