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SPOOFSociety for the Protection of Old Fishes
SPOOFStructure and Parity-Observing Output Function (computing)
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The features extracted from the last fully-connected layer of the CNN were then used to train SVM to classify the video as real or spoof. Xu et al.
He spoofed Mommy D without excessively dissing her limitations and 'TH' projection, as the tilt's jurors and studio audience cheered him along.
"I'm like just really into his music, and when we made the original (spoof of West's "Bound 2'' music video featuring Kardashian), we were filming 'The Interview' in Vancouver and we kept trying to go to Kanye West shows that kept getting canceled or the dates kept changing and it happened like two or three times.
The comedy, Fifty-One Shades of Maggie - a spoof of the book Fifty Shades of Grey - is to embark on its first UK tour, visiting Newcastle Theatre Royal from September 10 - 14.
The Brains spoof advert campaign was inspired by the company's first year of sponsoring the Welsh Rugby Union when an unpublished advert showing a 2005 England rugby wooden spoon was leaked.
The proposed spoof attack detection algorithm focus on three different types of spoof attacks so called: Impersonation, Hiding attack, Reflection attack named as Packet Resonance Strategy (PRS).
Summary: Kylie Minogue gets her bottom out in this spoof advert.
A video spoof portraying Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov as the main character of the 2006 Hollywood production "The Illusionist" has been posted online.
A LIBERAL Democrat MP was forced to deny he was releasing a Christmas single after local journalists failed to spot a press release he issued was a spoof.
The spoof advertisement also features a gang of youths trying to destroy a caravan.
Actor James Corden teams up with Button and Scots tennis ace Andy Murray, left, as part of his spoof sketch for Sport Relief.
William Hinge placed lay bets on Spoof Master, of which he was joint owner, to lose two races in which the horse finished second last year, but lost money because he staked more substantial sums in bets on the horse to win.