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SPOOKSociety for Paranormal Occurrences of Kentuckiana (Louisville, KY)
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The good guys always win - and the spooks are always the good guys.
The bar is the latest recipient of the Spook Hunters Haunted Location Award, which has also been presented to 21 locations across the country including Coventry's Golden Cross pub, Drapers Hall, and St Mary's Guildhall.
This is only right because they are visible and accountable for their actions, not as the fictitious operatives in Spooks who get away with all types of transgression in the interest of the state.
He packs plenty of pent-up emotion and action into his reading of Spook, becoming the characters and making transitions from character to character with ease.
A spokesman for Spook Erections said that a ban on tobacco sales had been imposed at Ayr in January.
And there's a new spook on the block - and yes, after Jo Portman (Miranda Raison) and Ros, it's another woman with blonde hair (there's probably something about the need to have blonde hair on the application form).
Fans of the original series will enjoy this look at Tom's work as a Spook, but readers fresh to his story will find it equally engaging and can jump right in without knowledge of the earlier series.
And after contacting bosses at the PacKhorse, Halloween The SpooK Shop concept was in business.
Ivan Dixon and Sam Greenlee's 1973 release, The Spook Who Sat by the Door, was all but lost to both film scholarship and archives after its sudden disappearance from theaters only weeks after its release.
Sadly it's also got the things I've come to hate in Spooks - the incidental music composed by people who've had too much Lucozade and not enough fresh air, the duller-than-a-dayold-sandwich Dimitri and ridiculous lady spook Erin Watts in her four-inch heels.
So, what's out there for would-be ghost busters and spook hunters?