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SPOOLSimultaneous Peripheral Operation on Line
SPOOLSimultaneous Peripheral Operations On-Line
SPOOLSimultaneous Peripheral Output On-Line
SPOOLSystem Peripheral Operation Off-Line (print service)
SPOOLSend Print Out Off Line
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"The even line lay is preferable to most anglers, and you can experiment with the washers, remove one for example, to arrive at that." Joyce agreed with my suggestion, and in-the-field observations that the forward-taper shape allows line laid at the rear of the spool to come off the spool with less effort, especially with light lures.
Light tension and sufficient pack force at the point where the material is rewound onto the spool without damage constituted the chief engineering challenge.
Mr Khan told this scribe that he had recently been to Swat and Shangla from where he retrieved rare spools of Sikko Ram, a Hindu Pashto folk singer, resident of Badhber; Wazir Chand, another Hindu singer from Bannu; Abdul Karim Andaleeb; Gul Meer Ustad, and spool of Bibi Haneefa released in 1918.
The cable spool is given a new purpose-as a table, by positioning it in a corner that's perfect for enjoying a cup of tea or coffee.
Also, developed with Slant 3D (a 3D-printing manufacturer) is a reusable 2-piece master spool that slips the filament on for use with 3D printers.
After the test spools were emptied, each spool was sawed in half (Figure 4) to examine the internal pipe surface and then slit horizontally by a cold cut.
The spool that had apparently been mislabeled contained songs in Yiddish and German, recorded in the Henoville refugee camp in northern France, in the summer of 1946.The songs were performed by Holocaust survivors, while being interviewed by Dr.
"Closed cycle testing of the prototype spool compressor proves the technology is an attractive alternative to legacy compressors utilising medium-pressure refrigerants," said Joe Orosz, Torad's chief operating officer.
Pretty fabrics from The Modern Plaid Collection, designed by Modern Quilt Studio for Andover, make a bold statement in this easy-to-sew spool quilt.
"We look to combine the prime location of the Hartlepool spool base for quick access to project sites with McDermott's high standards, and high-performance Reel-Lay capabilities provided by our Lay Vessel North Ocean 105."
Pre-terminated with your choice of SC, LC or MPO connector, each SmartRoute spool can hold up to 200 feet of 3mm 12- fiber micro-distribution or 12-fiber FieldShield cable.