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SPORESpecialized Programs of Research Excellence (National Cancer Institute)
SPOREStupid Person On Rental Equipment (ski area term)
SPORESolid Phase Organic Reaction
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difficile spores in sterilized water to surgical gowns for different lengths of time: 10 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minute, 5 minutes and 10 minutes.
difficile spores onto cotton sheets, which were laundered through a simulated washer extractor cycle using an industrial bleach detergent.
The Caloris Low-Spore Process includes well-timed evaporator system clean-in-place (CIP) cycles, which eliminates operation with the presence of mature biofilms in the evaporator system before they begin to contaminate the milk product with spores. The configuration of the Caloris Low Spore Process allows for these CIP cycles to occur without interrupting the powder production of the spray dryer system.
Swiss scientists investigated the potential of ultra-high-pressure homogenization (UHPH) to inactivate bacterial spores, including the temperature-thermal sterilization indicator, Geobacillus stearothermophilus.
Aylor's "Aerial Dispersal of Pollen and Spores" is a unique, valuable, and comprehensive reference covering the many complex factors and effects encompassing the movement of spores through the air.
Interestingly, the primary bile acids in the small intestine allowed spores to germinate, or begin to grow, regardless of the antibiotic treatment.
However, different zip codes in the same state can have their own unique range of outdoor mold spores due to differences in climate and outside spore distribution.
Based on the spore trapping data, Coastal Viticultural Consultants made suggestions to either change the timing or type of fungicide used at specific times in the season.
30 ( ANI ): Researchers were able to use a small strip of latex rubber coated with bacterial spores to power a new electric generator.