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SPORTSerial Port
SPORTSpine Patient Outcomes Research Trial (study)
SPORTSource Port
SPORTShort-Term Prediction Research and Transition Center (weather forecast model, NASA)
SPORTStrategic Partnership On REACH Testing
SPORTSingle Port Orifice Robotic Technology (Titan Medical, Inc.; Canada)
SPORTSky Polarization Observatory (Italian Space Agency)
SPORTSoldier's Portable On-System Repair Tool
SPORTSpecificity, Progression, Overload, Reversibility, Tedium (principles of training)
SPORTSpace Optical Radar Tracking
SPORTStandard Protocol for Railway Traction
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The Good Sport was, so to speak, an outsize in Good Sports.
He sees his enemy: horsemen sitting motionless, with long spears in rest, upon blindfolded broken-down nags, lean and starved, fit only for sport and sacrifice, then the carrion-heap.
"It is necessary for the sport," said Luis Cervallos.
The countenance of the negro evinced not only all the interest which his pecuniary adventure might occasion, but also the keen excitement that the sport produced in the others, though with a very different wish as to the result.
In some booths there was dancing to merry music, in others flowed ale and beer, and in others yet again sweet cakes and barley sugar were sold; and sport was going outside the booths also, where some minstrel sang ballads of the olden time, playing a second upon the harp, or where the wrestlers struggled with one another within the sawdust ring, but the people gathered most of all around a raised platform where stout fellows played at quarterstaff.
For this purpose, then, Tom applied to Mr Western's daughter, a young lady of about seventeen years of age, whom her father, next after those necessary implements of sport just before mentioned, loved and esteemed above all the world.
"I admit that manly sports do not..." he was continuing.
Jim has given up that sport himself and confines himself to a little harmless duck- or snipe-shooting, or a little quiet trifling with the rats during the Christmas holidays, after which he will return to the University and try and not be plucked, once more.
``must not be dismissed discontented, for lack of their share in the sports.''
Then Euryalus reviled him outright and said, "I gather, then, that you are unskilled in any of the many sports that men generally delight in.
Now leave we the priest to marry them, and the masquers to sport round the Maypole, till the last sunbeam be withdrawn from its summit, and the shadows of the forest mingle gloomily in the dance.
"It is all nonsense, you know, about shooting being a cruel sport. I put my skill against your cunning-that is all there is of it.