SPOSSolid Phase Organic Synthesis
SPOSShip Performance Optimisation System
SPOSStrong Point/Obstacle System
SPOSSwivel Point-Of-Sale
SPOSSignaling Point Operating System
SPOSSales at the Point of Service
SPOSSix Pixels of Separation (blog)
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One technique used with SPOs in estate planning is to purchase an original policy on each spouse with an SPO rider in favor of the other spouse on each policy.
In a 2006 survey of 162 refugees and asylum seekers of various nationalities, distributed at SPOs and CBOs in Cairo, 152 (94 percent) reported that they used the Internet.
The stock lost approximately 15% after the SPO was announced in October and now trades at a minor discount to sector peers on EV/EBITDA, which seems unfair to us given Globaltrans's strong business profile, limited leverage and superior stock liquidity.
Our measure is the coefficient on small positive net income, SPOS, in the following regression:
21) The SPOS uses the sum of the scores of eight items with scores ranging from 8 to 56, and scores above 32 indicating higher levels of perceived organizational support.
In light of the problems being faced by the SFDP, the GTZ in collaboration with the ADBN launched a technical assistance project in 1987 to try and transform SFDP SPOs into autonomous financial intermediaries, owned and managed by the members.
We have included articles from several of our SPOs, the Staff Judge Advocate, and a Joint team to show the breadth and depth of international operations throughout ESC.
They constructed a two-day curriculum for delivery to other SPOs and probation officers.
A second "Bsod nams dpal" is quoted in MKHAS 18a in connection with the ordination of Mkhan chen Rin chen rgyal mtsban dpal bzang po (1348-1430), alias Spos khang pa, in 1367, during the procedures of which he functioned as "time keeper" (dus go ba).
The $499 iRegister integrates the APG cash drawer, Epson or Star receipt printer, Cherry SPOS Keyboard and tilting lock dock for traditional POS functions.