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(1) Using traditional (known) or ad hoc abbreviations: e.g., spose = suppose, mins = minutes
Given the proximity of these two opposites--abduction versus marriage--it is interesting to note a distinction made by Owen Hughes between rapimento and matrimonio: "La trasformazione del rapimento in matrimonio incremento la forza civilizzatrice del percorso verso l'unione coniugale, ma non cambio il dato di fatto che vedeva le spose come oggetti di un piano maschile, pedine da muovere in un processo controllato quasi esclusivamente da uomini" (15).
So I spose they're a bit better at those sort of skills.
As for Italo pics, Detassis is pleased that Rome will launch two promising first works: Pippo Mezzapesa's "Il paese delle spose infelici" (The Town of Unhappy Brides), a teen drama with surreal overtones set in Italy's contempo deep South, and Ivan Cotroneo's "La Kryptonite nella borsa" (Kryptonite in the Bag), about the Naples 1970s hipster scene viewed through the eyes of a 7-year-old who becomes a superhero of sorts.
Might as well be horse meat I spose.' He pulled out his wallet and handed over the money.
My days of flattening all the law allows are pretty much over; age and maturity, I 'spose. Besides, it's too dang cold in December.
How you tink to hear, 'spose you keep up such a dam slappin' and bitin' dare?"
You go everyday I spose you be and theyre offing it today.
Six wedding dress designers from Sarli Couture, Carnevali Spose, Franco Ciambella, Mariel, Curti Spose and Merinda Spose, as well as make-up artist, Massimo Toppi and hairstylist Roberto Carminato, all from Italy's Lazio region, will present their exclusive bridal collections and services to visitors and high-end retailers at the four day event, from 8-11 April at the Dubai International Exhibition Centre.