SPOUStichting Publikaties Oud Utrecht (Dutch: Foundation Publications Old Utrecht; publishing company; Utrecht, Netherlands)
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On to thir mornings rural work they haste Among sweet dewes and flours; where any row Of Fruit-trees overwoodie reachd too farr Thir pamperd boughes, and needed hands to check Fruitless imbraces: or they led the Vine To wed her Elm; she spous'd about him twines Her mariageable arms, and with her brings Her dowr th' adopted Clusters, to adorn His barren leaves.
interpersonal child * relationship * parent * social * sibling * friend * spous * neighbour * partner * acquaintance * roman * peer * intima * family sexual * The asterisks are meant to indicate truncation.
"With this program, you don't have to have a military card, or be the spous; you can be the best friend of a serviceman who is having problems and still access this program and get help," Mrs.
3.Demographic and Disease Relation Information Questionnaires Two separate sets of demographic and disease related questionnaires were prepared for patients and spous es.
Coronat (7.30pm Molly and K feelings lea both at hom with spous Sally.