SPP1Scottish Planning Policy 1
SPP1Standard Pseudoisochromatic Plates Part 1
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Allelic and genotypic frequencies and HWE of identified polymorphism in 3' UTR of SPP1 gene.
4] per well and treated with the control vehicle phosphate-buffered saline (PBS) or human recombinant SPP1 protein (Eton Bioscience) at 50 or 250 ng/mL.
They found that genetic variants in SPP1 in some samples were linked with cognition development in the children, whose neurodevelopmental progress was followed through age two.
Importance of SPP1 genotype as a covariate in clinical trials in Duchenne muscular dystrophy.
The four-gene signature - Pten, Smad4, SPP1, and CyclinD1 - showed its effectiveness as a predictive tool for survival when researchers drew on data from the Physicians' Health Study, which has been tracking the health of thousands of U.
Studies of the SPP1 promoter suggested that estrogen could activate transcription not through classical estrogen response element (ERE) but through estrogen receptor 1 interactions with SF-1 response elements (SFREs) in the promoter (Craig and Denhardt 1991; Vanacker et al.
When the cytokine genes were compared between the two lines, 6 genes (CXCL13, IL-28B, IFNA1, TNFSF11, SPP1, and TNFSF13B) showed higher expression in line 6.
SPP1 is an ideal diagnostic marker because it is found in all body fluids and at an elevated level in patients with malignant tumors.
Tag sequences and gene symbols of OPN and MCP that were identified are as follows: AATAGAAATT, SPP1 (OPN) and CTCCCCTGCC, CAPG (MCP).
Osteopontin (OPN) is a 44-kDa negatively-charged acidic hydrophilic, multifunctional protein encoded by the SPP1 gene that is located on chromosome 4q21-25 and consists of 7 exons (Sato et al.
SPP1 brings these together within a central State planning framework," Mrs Faragher said.
A candidate gene for PXE susceptibility is SPP1 (secreted phosphoprotein 1; previously OPN, osteopontin).