SPPBShort Physical Performance Battery
SPPBStatens Psykologisk Pedagogiska Bibliotek (Swedish: State Psychological-Pedagogical Library; 1885-2003)
SPPBSpeech Perception Production Bilingualism (University of Barcelona; Spain)
SPPBStrategic Policy and Planning Branch (Canada)
SPPBScottish Parliament Passage of Bills (law publication; Scotland, UK)
SPPBShanghai Press and Publication Bureau
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[3] Nonstandard abbreviations: PA, physical activity; CVD, cardiovascular disease; MET, metabolic equivalent; MVPA, moderate-to vigorous-intensity PA; COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; SPPB, short-performance physical battery.
Binary logistic regression was then applied to test the odds between hand grip strength, knee extensor strength, lower extremity function (SPPB), and employment status.
Regarding sarcopenia, groups demonstrated normal skeletal muscle indexes (i.e., Janssen and Baumgartner), as well as intermediate performance on SPPB [10].
The SPPB consists of a timed standing balance test (feet together side-by-side, semitandem, and tandem stance), a walk test (time to walk 2.44 meters at usual pace), and a CST (time to raise from a chair and return to the seated position in five times) [41].
We used Spearman's rank correlation to test whether measures of sedentary behaviour (percentage of time spent in sedentary behaviour, average number and duration of sedentary bouts) were associated with age, length of time in AL, number of reported health concerns, and scores on the TUG, SPPB, gait speed, MoCA, GDS, and MFES tests.
Specifically, we examined age, marital status (single versus living with spouse), osteoarthritis (OA), cardiovascular disease (CVD), stroke, depression, mobility difficulty, diastolic BP, SPPB ([less than or equal to]9), and BMI.
However, the SPPB and MSFC were developed for populations of the elderly and people with MS, respectively.
Mean SPPB score was 9.9 (1.2) at baseline, with no change at 12 weeks.
SPPB comprises three tests: the first evaluates static equilibrium in three positions (feet together; one foot slightly in front of the other; one foot in front of the other); the second test evaluates gait speed in which the time spent to walk three meters in normal gait is registered; the third test evaluates the strength of the lower members and the time taken to rise up and sit down on a chair for five consecutive times without holding on the hands is registered.
Nesse contexto, Houston e colaboradores (2011) avaliaram 368 idosos (70 a 89 anos) com risco de invalidez quanto aos seus resultados em bateria de teste de desempenho fisico de curta duracao (SPPB) e teste de caminhada de 400 m.