SPPEState per Pupil Expenditure (various locations)
SPPESafety and Pollution Prevention Equipment
SPPESwiss Priority Programme Environment (Swiss National Science Foundation)
SPPESmall Power Plant Exemption (California)
SPPESocial Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology
SPPESale of Property, Plant and Equipment (various universities)
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11) SPPE arise when asymmetric treatment of bidders is not possible (e.
I find that both EWCI and RI of bank-dependent conglomerates are negatively correlated with SPPE, M2, EQUITY, and DEBT, and positively correlated with BAA, CPRT, FEDRT, and DSCRT.
t] stands for a macro variable selected from SPPE, M2, EQUITY, DEBT, BAA, CPRT, FEDRT, and DSCRT.
For example, a one-standard-deviation increase in SPPE would result in a decrease in EV by 0.
1] for macro variables SPPE, M2, EQUITY, and DEBT, and positive and larger than [[gamma]sub.
1] is only significant and negative for SPPE and M2, and is insignificant for the other macro variables.
The macro variables SPPE, M2, EQUITY, CPRT, FEDRT, and DSCRT are also nonstationary and integrated of order one or of higher orders, while the macro variables DEBT and BAA are stationary.
1] to be negative for the macro variables SPPE, M2, EQUITY, and DEBT, and positive for the macro variables BAA, CPRT, FEDRT, and DSCRT.
is offering demonstrations of its technology to potential customers, and is actively interviewing commercialization partners who can provide manufacturing, sales and distribution of the SPPE and other products under development.
Tetsuo Ohara, NanoWave President & CEO, and the inventor of this technology, first conceived of the NanoWave SPPE technology while a Mechanical Engineering Ph.
More in-depth explanations and animated presentations of the NanoWave SPPE technology, along with patent and licensing information, market applications, company background, and contact information can be found at the company's web site: www.
The NanoWave SPPE is impervious to such changes, due to its radically different means of taking measurements.