SPPLScenario Paintball Players' League
SPPLSouth Pasadena Public Library (California)
SPPLSomos Pocos Pero Locos (Spanish: We Are Few but Crazy; gaming clan; World of Warcraft)
SPPLScotch Plains Public Library (Scotch Plains, NJ)
SPPLSouthern Paintball Players League
SPPLSun Prairie Public Library (Wisconsin)
SPPLSenior Programmatic Project Leader
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Throughout the initial year-long tournament, the SPPL plan to offer a host of other prizes such as seats at maj or events and other items including exotic holidays and top-of-the-range plasma screen televisions.
The Scottish poker star has struck a deal with Littlewoods Poker which ensures that players will also be able to win SPPL tournament bonus points by playing freeroll tournaments on the Littlewoods poker site.
SPPL was included in the listing of his parent company on the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange, along with three other logging companies they owned in the Solomons.
SPPL owns Shenyang Paliburg Plaza and Shenyang Grant Century Hotel located in Shenyang, the capital city of Dalian, PRC.
At the centre of the SPPL claims team is Hammond Suddards Edge's professional risks team.
The potential co-operation with SPPL is a major break-through of Score One.
The SPPL re SPS 04-1 Trust Collection Account (the "Collection Account") held by Barclays into which repayment amounts are paid by Borrowers is also in the name of SPPL.
SPPL and AGM will maintain performance standards of the highest level focused on protection of the policyholder.
SLP and SPPL have also inked a Memorandum of Understanding as per which SPPL is to award an additional exclusive licence for the technology to be used in the design and construction of MFPs for Southeast Asia and Australasia (not including Malaysia and Brunei).