SPPNSpecial Purpose Processing Node
SPPNScottish Post Polio Network (est. 2001; UK)
SPPNSistem Perencanaan Pembangunan Nasional (Indonesian: National Development Planning System)
SPPNStichting Perl Promotie Nederland (Dutch: Foundation for the Promotion of Perl in the Netherlands; programming language)
SPPNSociety of Private and Pioneer Numismatics (coin collecting)
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The authors would like to thank the participating inmate trustees for their dedication and diligence in plant maintenance and data collection; Salt Lake County Jail horticulturists and security staff for project supervision; Antonia Fitzgerald for project coordination, greenhouse assistance, data collection and photography; SPPN and SPP Washington; David England, La'Shaye Ervin, Cody Tahmassebipour, Tracey Bushman and Stephenie Lilly for project assistance; Stacy Eddings and the Utah Education Policy Center; Sheriff Jim Winder, Chief Deputy Pamela Lofgreen, Captain Matthew Dumont and Sergeant Michael Johnson; and the University of Utah Institutional Review Board.
Otra influencia sobre el nucleo marcapaso proviene del nucleo pre-marcapaso sublemniscal, que consiste en un grupo de celulas ubicadas centralmente con respecto al lemnisco lateral a cada lado de la linea media (SPPn en Figura 1).