SPPRSaskatchewan Personal Property Registry (Canada)
SPPRSignal Processing and Pattern Recognition
SPPRSpill Prevention, Preparedness and Response (Washington)
SPPRSociety for the Protection of Personal Rights (Israel)
SPPRSpecialist, Public Relations (US Navy)
SPPRState of the Philippine Population Report (Commission on Population; Philippines)
SPPRShare Price Performance Rights (executive bonus scheme)
SPPRSingle Point Pressure Refueling (aviation)
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Pursuant to the sale agreement, the logistics assets included about 4m barrels of refined product and crude oil storage tanks, a light products terminal, a heavy products loading rack, certain rail and barge facilities, certain other related logistics assets as well as two crude oil pipeline segments and one pipeline segment not currently in service, each of which is approximately 2.5 miles and extends from SPPR's refinery in St.
In vivo biopanning using Ml 3 phage display library is a simple and fast method to identify homing peptides and identified novel tumour homing peptide motif (SPPR) might be useful for targeted drug delivery and imaging agents specifically to mammary tumours.
In light of such implications, it is not surprising that both the federal government and some provincial governments (especially those of Quebec and Manitoba) are actively pursuing ways to induce a more dispersed distribution of immigrants (SPPR 2001; CIC 2005b).
Pertinently, we are aware of this because the share trades that make manifest these positive abnormal returns are recorded in places such as the CRSP and the AGSM's SPPR databases.
US hotel REIT Supertel Hospitality Inc (NASDAQ: SPPR) said it has hired Jeffrey W Dougan as the firm's chief operating officer.
(NASDAQ: SPPR), a US-based real estate investment trust that owns 100 hotels in 23 states, has announced the sale of an asset.
Tickers featured: DRH, ENN, HT, MCS, PKY, RLH, SPPR. Complete text approximately 3000 words.
(NASDAQ: SPPR) said that it has successfully obtained a new USD 6.15 m secured loan with Cantor Commercial Real Estate, collateralized by Supertel's 100-room Hilton Garden Inn in Solomons Island (Dowell), Maryland.
Supertel Hospitality Inc (NASDAQ: SPPR), a US-based real estate investment trust that owns 120 hotels in 24 states, has announced its results for the third quarter, ended September 30, 2011.