SPPTSurat Pemberitahuan Pajak Terutang (Indonesian: Terutang Mail Notification Number)
SPPTScience, Pollution Prevention and Technology (California)
SPPTSymposium on Plasma Physics and Technology (Prague, Czech Republic)
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For both resolutions, the introduction of SPPT perturbations increases the ensemble spread.
Doblas-Reyes, 2015: Stochastic atmospheric perturbations in the EC-Earth3 global coupled model: Impact of SPPT on seasonal forecast quality.
4 region in 135-yr-long simulations with the Community Atmosphere Model (CAM) coupled to an ocean model, (left) Compared to Hadley Centre Sea Ice and Sea Surface Temperature dataset (HadlSST) observations (blue), the simulation has 3 times more power for oscillations with periods between 2 and 4 years, (right) When the simulation is repeated with the stochastic parameterization SPPT, the temperature variability in this range is reduced, leading to a better agreement between the simulated and observed spectra.
4 SST root-mean-square error (lines) and ensemble spread (dots) according to forecast time in EC-EARTH 3 seasonal reforecast experiments initialized in May 1993-2009 with SR or HR atmosphere and ocean components, with and without activating a three-scale SPPT perturbation method in the atmosphere.
A recent study of SPPTs seen in male patients over a period of 10 years established that there is no significant difference in tumours identified in males and females as regards their histopathological characteristics and malignant behavior.
SPPTs are grossly large tumours at presentation with a mean size of 10.
To date 13 cases of extra pancreatic SPPTs have been reported in English literature.
SPPT has a low malignancy potential, but can turn malignant over time and the most common site of metastasis is the liver.
The pathology of SPPT is well described in a review article by Papavramidis and Papavramidis [2].
It is rare for trauma-CT to reveal a pancreatic tumor in a 14-year-old girl and it is even more uncommon to find an SPPT on a trauma-CT.
A substantial proportion of patients in the SPPT with a formal diagnosis seem to be receiving substandard treatment, Dr.
The apparent underdiagnosis was seen only for the anxiety disorders: The SPPT and NCS had similar diagnosis rates for the psychotic disorders (8.