SPPTSymposium on Plasma Physics and Technology (Prague, Czech Republic)
SPPTSemi-Private Personal Training (fitness; also seen as SPT)
SPPTSurat Pemberitahuan Pajak Terutang (Indonesian: Terutang Mail Notification Number)
SPPTScience, Pollution Prevention and Technology (California)
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This state dependence of the standard deviation to the mean tendency supports the use of a multiplicative noise scheme like SPPT for modeling uncertainty.
We recruited 54 adult male patients of PTB and divided them into two groups of sputum SPPT and sputum SNPT on the basis of sputum smear microscopy and radiography.
A possibility of SPPT arising in ectopic pancreatic tissue was considered (Figure-2)
SPPT is a rare condition, constituting 1-2% of all pancreatic tumors.
The apparent underdiagnosis was especially noticeable with phobias, which were 22 times more likely to be diagnosed in the NCS sample than in the SPPT sample.
Within the production domain, aphasic participants scored better on spoken word production and oral reading (NNB CN: 70.5 [+ or -] 29.7; PALPA 35: 65.1 [+ or -] 34.3) than on spelling-to-dictation (PALPA40: 37.1 [+ or -] 26.8) and sentence production (NAVS SPPT: 39.4 [+ or -] 31.5).
Cstmr./Sales Sppt., BiNW Alaska, Office Equipment & Furniture
An additional spread will be added by stochastic perturbation of physics tendencies (SPPT; Palmer et al.
The former is addressed by the stochastically perturbed parameterization tendency (SPPT) scheme, which perturbs the net tendencies of the physical process parameterizations (convection, radiation, cloud physics, turbulence, and gravity wave drag).