SPPYSan Pedro Peninsula YMCA (San Pedro, CA)
SPPYSociety for Promoting the Productivity of Youth
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Willow branches and waterfalls could also be seen as "spikes": see Wen T'ing-yun Wen fei-ch'ing chi chien-chu [CHINESE CHARACTER NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (SPPY), 4.1la, "On a Willow"; and Su shih shih-chi 10.477, the second of "Five Quatrains on the Hermitage of Master Jung at Fo-jih Hill" (1073).
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Wang Pi (Chou-i Wang Han chu (SPPY edn] 1.15b) says, in part: "Finding domestication in a [situation of] growing yin [Wang's reference to line 4] does not enable one to 'return [unobstructed]' [a reference to the image of the first line]." (32) There is a subfield of scholarship on San-kuo and Chin social ritual (leaving aside for a moment court ritual].