SPQSingle Player Quake
SPQSpool File by Output Queue
SPQSeller Property Questionnaire (real estate)
SPQSpecialist, Communications Specialist (US Navy)
SPQSweet Potato Queen (Sweet Potato Queen's Book of Love; Mal's St. Paddy's Day Parade; Jackson, MS)
SPQSocial Psychology Quarterly
SPQSociété Parkinson du Québec (French: Parkinson Society of Quebec; Montreal, Quebec, Canada)
SPQSchizotypal Personality Questionnaire
SPQSyndicalistes et Progressistes pour un Québec libre (French)
SPQStrict Priority Queuing
SPQSingle Persons Quarters (housing)
SPQSociété de Paléontologie du Québec (French: Quebec Paleontology Society; Canada)
SPQShorter PROMIS Questionnaire
SPQStandard Pack Quantity
SPQSociété Philosophique de Québec (French: Quebec Philosophical Society; Canada)
SPQSyndicat des Pompiers du Québec (French: Quebec Firefighters' Union; Canada)
SPQSequence Pre-Fetch Queue
SPQStudent-Parent Questionnaire
SPQSpecial Pricing Quotation
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We identified three items from the SPQ that would indicate subclinical perceptual experiences (SPE): one item about auditory verbal distortion (item 31: "I often hear a voice speaking my thoughts aloud"); another about visual perceptual distortion (item 40: "Have you ever seen things that are invisible to other people?"); and a final item about mind control and communication attempts (item 55: "Have you ever felt that you are communicating with another person telepathically (by mind-reading)?").
Two hundred seventy-eight individuals aged between 16 and 65 years with complete genetic, demographic, and SPQ data were included in stage 1 sample.
* Identification of cognitive styles: All participants of the three groups were requested to fill out the SPQ. According to the results of the SPQ, the participants were furthermore classified into Holists and Serialists.
Second, participants completed an adapted SPQ task (Takahashi, Ikeda, & Hasegawa, 2007).
Prior to combining the two results of the two sessions, the difference between the two cohorts was assessed based on the scale SPQ scores.
This is true not only for the total SPQ scores but both positive and negative schizotypy scores as well as cognitive-perceptual, disorganized, and interpersonal schizotypy scores aligned hierarchically in the 3 study groups (C&M>C>hC).
La estrategia de busqueda primaria fue la esquizotipia y se desarrollo para cada base de datos combinando las siguientes palabras clave: anhedonia, social anhedonia, magical thinking, perceptual aberration, perceptual ideation, magical ideation, desorganized schizotypy, schizotypal personality, SPQ. scale, delus, hallucinat, psychot, schizotyp, general population, normal individuals, normal sample, healthy population, nonpsychotic, subclinical.
Comparisons of symptom scores between groups adjusted for age and education yielded similar results: PSC patients reported greater severity of symptoms on all self-report measures (i.e., the MFSI-SF, SPQ, STAI, CES-D, and DAS-SF).
Perante estes dados, Biggs (1979) elaborou, como ja foi mencionado, outra versao que designou Study Process Questionnaire (SPQ) (Biggs, 1987b), para aplicar a universitarios, e uma versao para alunos do Ensino Secundario que denominou Learning Process Questionnaire (LPQ) (Biggs, 1985, 1987b).
To measure schizotypy, we used Raine's (1991) Schizotypal Personality Questionnaire (SPQ) scale, which is a 74-item questionnaire modeled on the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders criteria for schizotypal personality disorder (German version by Klein, Andresen, & Jahn, 1997; Russian version by Efremov & Enikolopov, 2002).