SPQASenate Productivity and Quality Award
SPQASwiss Pharma Quality Association
SPQASenatus Populusque Amstelodamensis (Latin: Council and People of Amsterdam; Dutch monument)
SPQASupplied Product Quality Assurance
SPQASwiss Pharma Qualité Association
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Although Mustan (1998) designed the SPQA as a means of quantitatively testing ETPQ the current study revealed that ETPQ and satisfaction, although possibly overlapping in some ways, are different concepts.
A second limitation is the use of the SPQA in this study.
93 TABLE 3 SPQA Importance Scale and Presence Scale Ratings for Wave 1 and Wave 2 Wave 1 Wave 2 Faculty Students Students Scale and Subscale M SD M SD M SD Importance Scale Diverse and Engaged Participants 4.
During the SPQA process and team meetings, it became apparent that while vision and mission statements appeared to still be strong and relevant, there was a lack of connection between these statements and departmental operations.
The relationships among the existing strategic plans were evaluated during the SPQA process, and gaps were identified.
In Hanover County, the finance official is active in initiating action plans to provide opportunities for improvement, as well as reviewing the SPQA feedback.
Virginia SPQA is a nonprofit all volunteer organization and one of 38 state based award programs administering the use of Nation's performance criteria standard.
The SPQA Board of Directors, judges, and examiners evaluate and select award recipients.
More information on the SPQA award and the Awards Banquet can be found at www.