SPQLSenatus Populusque Liverpudliensis (Latin: Senate and People of Liverpool; inscription; St. George's Hall; UK)
SPQLShipped Product Quality Level
SPQLSenatus Populusque Lubecensis (Senate and People of Luebeck, Germany)
SPQLSenatus Popolus Que Lucerinus (Latin: Senate and People of Lucera)
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We get a nice glimpse of the grandiose town-hall doors made at the height of Liverpool's Victorian glory and reading, now almost bathetically, "SPQL." How are the mighty fallen!
St George's Hall's doors are inscribed SPQL. What does that stand for?
The election of Monique Richard, member of the PQ tendency "Trade Unionists and Progressives for a Free Quebec (SPQL)", as president of the Parti-Quebecois might give the impression that the party can rally more troops.
It is due to the existence of the UFP that the PQ is trying to renew its Left and that the SPQL is trying to convince union activists to get involved.