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SPQRSyndicat de la Presse Quotidienne Régionale (France)
SPQRSmall Profit, Quick Return
SPQRSystem for Pattern Query and Recognition (computing)
SPQRSoftware Product Quality Reporter (computer tool)
SPQRSenatus Populusque Quiritium Romanus (Latin: the Senate and the People of Rome)
SPQRSocial Policy Question Resource (UK)
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No obstante, no lo disfrazo todo, porque SPQR son las verdaderas iniciales del nombre de la empresa de la que S.
Monthly gigs at the now-defunct SPQR eatery in Worcester nurtured the group, and Jubilee Gardens now maintains its regular performances at Sahara restaurant on Highland Street in Worcester (Feb.
12 Trajano Corona de encina, i en RIC II, 150 medio SPQR Optimo Principi.
Others discuss the SPINE language for pattern verification, intent-oriented Design pattern formalization using SPQR, formalizing patterns as model transformations, the role-based metamodeling language, modeling and reasoning in SLAM-SL, the applications and enhancement of LePUS, and a pattern-enforcing compiler for Java.
What is the meaning of the Latin acronym SPQR, as used on Roman coins and military standards?
md 28 everything but the kitchen stove, OED kitchen stove b 361 26 Anhydrohydroxyprogesterone, OED ethisterone, 1948q 362 26 ureteropyelonephrostomized, from ureteropyelonephrostomy, Dorland 363 24 Senatus Populus Que Romanus, = SPQR, Chambers 25 to have two strings to one's bow, OED two 1 26 phenylnitrosohydroxylamine, OED cupferron, 1963q 364 24 Pogonnolosinoostrovskoye, Russia, 55[degrees]52, 37[degrees]45 26 Caught with one's trousers down, Chambers 365 27 myeloradiculopolyneuronitis, books.
SPQR = Senatus PopulusQue Romanus El Senado y el Pueblo de Roma.
Actual data on process, productivity, and effort were used to update the SPQR estimation models and to recalibrate the defect density and effort predictions for the following year.
He chronicles the disastrous consequences of monarchy and the collapse of SPQR following the assassination of Julius Caesar, the subsequent civil war between Octavianus Caesar and Marc Antony, the final victory of the former at the battle of Actium (34 B.
for the rights to publish CyberSites' Internet mystery game, SPQR, on CD-ROM for IBM PCs, Macintosh, and 32- and 64-bit gaming machines.
and Roman republics involved a curious and contradictory nexus between property and popular politics (summed up in the famous Roman formula SPQR, "the Senate and the Roman People") with a propertied oligarchy which required the support of it populace whose fundamental interests were often very different.
In addition to his work with the Application Developers Alliance, Sparapani will continue to provide SPQR Strategies' clients policy and legal counsel.